10 Tips For Successful Public Speaking
Speak With Confidence In Public
1. Know the Facility & Equipment. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the place in which you will speak. Get there early and spend some time ensuring you’re familiar with the equipment you’ll be using. Test Microphones, overheads, Power-point or any other components involved in your presentation before you start your speech. 2. Know the audience. Spend some time with the audience before your presentation if possible. It's always easier to speak to people you know and are friendly with than a group of complete strangers. 3. Practice often. If you're not familiar with your material or are uncomfortable with it, make changes and practice until you become comfortable. You want to avoid running the risk of feeding nervousness and lack of preparation is the worst catalyst for this. 4. Use relaxation techniques. Try doing a few exercises or deep breathing exercises. 5. Visualize giving your speech. Part of your practice should be visualizing a successful speech. Visualize your voice loud, clear, and assured. 6. Realize they want you to succeed. They are on your side and want you to be interesting, stimulating, informative, and entertaining. No one wants or wishes you to fail. 7. Don't apologize. If you mention your nervousness or apologize for any problems you think you have with your speech, you may be calling the audience's attention to something they hadn't noticed. Keep silent. 8. Focus on your Speech -- not on you. Focus your attention away from your own anxieties, and outwardly toward your message and your audience. Your nervousness will dissipate. 9. Convert your nervousness into enthusiasm energy. Convert your nervous energy and re channel it into passion and excitement. 10. Get experience. Experience will foster your confidence. Confidence is essential to effective public speaking. Start with small intimate groups and select material you have a strong knowledge in.