Training is the your key to success
Do it Wrong,Do it Again, Cry over lost opportunity!!
It is not a joke when I tell you that you can... Add several years to your life!! Enjoy more Free and quality time with your loved ones and towards your hobbies!! Save lots of Money while making more money and profit... Simple fact: The more you avoid ( Do It Wrong>Do it Again>Cry over the opportunity lost) the closer you will get to all those goals and more! You may think I will introduce you to my training company or some of my training courses. wrong, think again! Obviously, I do not train everything, Music, sports, aviation...Not even close. I just believe that the more you train yourself into ( Whatever that thing you do!) You will " Hopefully do it right from first time. that will free your resources, and will make your time on this planet more efficient. You will feel that you left your foot print deeper before departing! Just remember, those who believe in training themselves, they are the continuous improvement seeker. I call them the Key holder to success. Also remember this: Main focus of training is not to add knowledge, But it is how to USE these knowledge. In Simple words: Training is the Key to change your way of thinking which leads to your success Best of Luck in your all endeavors! Ahmed Fadel B Sc .Eng, CSSGB, CSSBB, LMC, ITIL, PMP